Pre-Surgical Care and why it's Important

Pre-surgical care is so important and has the ability to help an individual prepare physically and mentally for any surgical procedure. This type of care can promote a better surgical process and possibly a faster recovery depending on the procedure. Pre-surgical care and preparation before a procedure can promote:

Faster Recovery

Learning the exercises you'll need before surgery trains your muscles in advance. This will make post-surgical rehab easier and more effective.

Few Complications

The weaker and more frail an individual is, the more likely it is that the person will experience complications such as infections after a surgical procedure. Pre-surgical care can increase strength and immunity prior to surgery.

Less Anxiety

Patients that have undergone some sort of pre-surgical care are often less prone to anxiety or stress prior to the surgery. Starting a process of physical activity that improves strength, endurance, and flexibility can improve overall confidence that the procedure will be successful.

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